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FOX News
Jul 10, 2012 5:00am EDT
's lawsuit against the u.s. anti doping agency. arm strog wants to stop the agency to stripping him of his 7 tour defrance titles. the judge dismissing the suit because of procedural issues. his lawyers will refile it today. the agency claims he took performance enhancing drugs for years which he denies. damage to the washington month monument during last summer's earthquake could keep the building closed for two years. the estimate from the national park service. we have video now that sent tourists running. the quakes caused large chunks of stones to loosen and crack especially near the top. the $15 million worth of repairs were expected to take just a year. 600 thousand tourists visit that monument every year. >>> the florida lifeguard who inspired -- he was awarded the key to the city from hole endale beach officials but getting a bigger award from a man who almost drowned from the man on the beach. >> you saved my life. >> you hear he was okay. we heard he is doing okay. i never had confirmation. i never knew how he was really doing. now seeing him here it's overwhelming. >> tomas was o
Jul 21, 2012 7:00pm EDT
kids like this alive. >> and a return to africa. former president bill clinton speaks to us exclusively on his campaign for that continent's victims of hiv/aids, and how new drug could change that struggle. >> the numbering is the best thing ever is staggering. it could reduce the likelihood of new infections by 75%. >> hello. there is the beginnings of another humanitarian catastrophe. one of the country's touched by the arab spring. for some 80 months, yemen has been wracked by political turmoil. now millions are going hungry and worse. according to the united nations, nearly half of the population, or 10 million people, have limited or no access to sufficient food. 47% of children under 5 years old are chronically malnourished. the worst affected areas are in the west of the country surrounding the capital sanaa. jeremy cooke has this exclusive report. >> the face of a crisis. ashmial is barely clinging to consciousness, barely clinging to life. a 1-year-old who weighs as much as a newborn baby. you do not need a scale to know that this child needs help now. like so many young victim
Jul 11, 2012 12:00am PDT
is new again. that's "hardball" for now. thanks for being with us. "the ed show" with ed schultz starts right now. >> good evening, americans. welcome to "the ed show" from new york. 119 days before the election, and mitt romney still refuses to quit hiding his wealth. come on, mittster, give us the tax returns. this is "the ed show." let's get to work. >> he wants you to show your papers, but he won't show us his. >> democrats attack mitt romney's secrecy on his tax returns. as republicans get deceptive. >> i think he has released the tax returns. >> maryland governor martin o'malley isn't pulling any punches on his offshore money and he's here tonight. >> voter id which is going to allow governor romney to win the state of pennsylvania, done. >> the pennsylvania voter suppression story just got uglier. >> this year, the law required every pennsylvania voter show a photo id at the polls. >> why was a mitt romney fund-raiser paid $250,000 to run the stase's voter id campaign? the out of control republican party is voting to repeal obamacare for the 31st time. >> the american people do n
FOX News
Jul 5, 2012 2:00am EDT
with the revelry routine and they called us the hell cats that woke them from their slumber. >> bob: they had to get up and get everybody up? >> absolutely. >> bob: get dressed up like this? i couldn't make it in this group. when did state-of-the-art? >> when george washington established garrison of west point in 1778, he put a pfeiffer and drummer, just like we heard on the opening sequence of "yankee doodle" so since 1778 there were musicians at west point. >> bob: george washington did not sleep at my house. did he sleep at your house? >> not at my house. >> bob: this started with george washington. what is hell cats' mission today? your responsibility? >> to be with the corps of cadets, train them, educate them and inspire them so when they go in and they graduate from west point, they go out in the army as officers and have the way to inspire the troops and be great leaders of character. as they enter their career. >> bob: my co-hosts could they make it here? gutfeld? >> i don't know. >> bob: there is a certain -- >> i think he could. i think he could. i think he has the stature for it.
Jul 11, 2012 3:00am EDT
to the hispanic advocacy group la raza. >> instoed of answering the questions, the romney campaign is using political hacks to dismiss these comicated financial issues. here's the rnc's shaun spicer o msnbc. >> a sterling example of romney who released 12 years of tax returns and said if less, it's ilustrative. is using political hacks to here's the rnc's shaun spicer o msnbc. >> instoed of answering the questions, the romney campaign is using political hacks to dismiss these comicated financial issues. here's the rnc's shaun spicer o msnbc. >> a sterling example of romney who released 12 years of tax returns and said if less, it's ilustrative. >> there will never be enough for team obama. >> never be enough for team obama? really? well, don't we deserve more than just maybe one year of tax returns? romney's surrogates like this guy, prendz mitt romney has released all of his past tax returns. >> should governor romney release all of those tax returns? right now, he's in a unique position for a presidential cad dt he's only released one year. >> he's paid 100% of his taxes, complied 100% wi
Jul 13, 2012 6:00am PDT
. >> romney continues his counter-attack in a new ad out this morning which he uses obama's own words in the 2008 convention in denver against him. >> if you don't have any fresh ideas, then you use stale tactics to scare voters. if you don't have a record to run on, then you're paying your opponent as someone people should run from. you make a big election about small things. >> now, when it comes to his own record, the president conceded he hasn't communicated his economic policies well enough but stopped short of saying he's made mistakes on substance. >> the mistake of my first couple of years was thinking that this job was just about getting the policy right. and that's important. but the nature of this office is also to tell a story to the american people that gives them a sense of unity and purpose and optimism, especially during tough times. >> now, romney pounced on this line saying being a good communicator is not enough, saying, quote, being president is not about telling stories. being president is about leading. so who is to blame for the sluggish economy? former presiden
Jul 30, 2012 1:00pm PDT
candidate. governor romney, thanks so much for joining us, in jerusalem. what a beautiful city. i'm sure you've been moved by what you've seen so far. >> it's a holy city, a city of a great and courageous people. my wife and i first came here in 1995 and have been here four times now. we're moved and inspired by what we see here. >> do you consider jerusalem to be the capital? >> yes, of course. jew res l >> would you move the embassy to jerusalem? >> it's long been the policy of have the nation's embassy in the capital. if i were president, i would want to take it in consultation with the leadership of the government, which exists at that time. so i would follow the same policy we have in the past. our embassy would be in the capital. but the timing of that is something i would want to work out with the government. >> with the government of israel? >> with the government of israel. >> but every government has asked them to recognize them. >> well, that would make the decision easy, but i would still want the communication with the government leaders. >> just to be precise. if you were presi
Jul 30, 2012 4:00pm EDT
so and select the timing in accordance with the government of israel. >> you know that every u.s. president since '67, since the six-day war in 1967, behind you in the old city of jerusalem, you see the beautiful walls there, and we're not far away. but the line was in front of the old walls. but since then every president from nixon to lbj, carter, ronald reagan, bushes, president clinton, now obama considers east jerusalem, including the old city behind you to be occupied territory. not part of israel. would you change that? >> i'm not going to talk about the borders. the decision as to where the borders would be as we move to a two-state solution, which i support. that's a decision on borders that will be worked out by israelis and the palestinians. i hope it's a process which is ongoing and ultimately successful. as to the exact negotiation in borders, i'll leave that to the deciding parties themselves. >> you just visited the western wall. one of the oldest sites in jerusalem. we saw the pictures, the video. do you consider that to be part of israel? >> it is certainly part
Jul 17, 2012 4:00pm PDT
, the chief of the federal reserve, got more negative on the state of the u.s. economy. >> given that growth is projected to be not much above the rate needed to absorb new entrance into the labor force, the reduction in the unemployment rate seems likely to be frustratingly slow. >> so what's the solution? well, in note after note from wall street economists and traders today, i read something along the lines of this. bernanke will launch another round of easy money to help the economy. it will bring interest rates even lower. it's just a matter of time, he'll do it, he'll do it, don't worry. that's the kind of talk the addicts use. yearning for more of his powerful drug, which is essentially just cheap, easy money. so many were hoping for another shot of the goods today, but while the fed chairman painted a darker picture of the economy, he also made it clear he is not ready -- not ready to hit us with another round of easy money, at least not yet. >> we are looking for ways to address the weakness in the economy, should more action be needed. >> now ben bernanke also said, quote, congress
Jul 14, 2012 6:00pm EDT
this round-robin of interviews, not just with us, but with other networks. wolf, it's interesting to note, he essentially said the same thing, gave the same answers to all of us in the course of all of these interviews. >> he said he would be a zone man as far as picking a vice presidential candidate. he didn't tell you who it would be. >> no, he didn't. and that's been his position so far in this campaign. that he's not going to talk about the vetting process. the vice presidential selection process. but i did ask him, because condoleezza rice's name did come up, whether or not he was concerned about being associated too much with the bush administration. as you know, earlier this week, he had that fund-raiser with dick cheney out in wyoming. it was interesting to note that mitt romney said in that interview that his administration would not be a carbon copy of anything in the past. a note there that he would like to get out that he would not be george w. bush, part ii. >> he was very strong on that specific point. good work, as usual. thanks so much, jim acosta, reporting. president obama a
Jul 17, 2012 7:00pm EDT
is not ready -- not ready to hit us with another round of easy money, at least not yet. >> we are looking for ways to address the weakness in the economy, should more action be needed. >> now ben bernanke also said, quote, congress is in charge here. not the federal reserve. and that congress needs to reach an agreement to avoid the fiscal cliff. well, of course, we've joined that chorus until we've been blue in the face over the past year. but the problem, of course, is that congress does not seem to have any intention of dealing with the tax cuts, debt ceiling, sequestration cuts, the things that comprise the fiscal cliff. congress seems to be incapable of doing its job, something that chuck schumer admitted at the hearing today. >> so given that the political realities, mr. chairman, particularly in this election year, i'm afraid the fed is the only game in town. and i would urge you to take whatever actions you think would be most helpful in supporting a stronger economic recovery. >> i like watching ben bernanke's face. he looks down as if his heart has been bron. he could cave. he c
Jul 6, 2012 2:00pm EDT
in the crowd. >> it is the july 4 weekend. dave is a teacher at carnegie mellon. what the u.s. expect to hear from the president today? >> i want to see him, and i have such respect for the government under his leadership. e>> i am from philadelphia. the reason i came here today is the first time to see the president in person. >> you are from los angeles. >> i am here for the pre-college program at carnegie mellon. >> so this is a lesson in politics? >> yes, it is, and is cool to see him a hundred feet away. he is right in my front yard. it will be interesting. >> what do you expect to learn today? >> not only how particulate he is, because i have heard he is an amazing speaker, but how he gets people to vote for him and his different maneuvers and tactics. >> where are you from? >> i am here from los angeles, a stint in the pre-college -- a student in the pre-college program in musical theater. i am excited about it. >> you have been here for a couple of hours. what do you want to hear from the president? >> i am not here to hear anything from him, but i want him to know that i support him,
Jul 23, 2012 6:00am EDT
. >> james holmes used to attend church with other families. they say he never hung out with people his own age. a friend said that he last spoke with him six years ago. >> i assume something must have snapped, but i don't know that. this is absurd and so out of character, from my understanding, of this young man. >> told gores mill road messages of support for the victim's and james'family. we will continue to follow any developments in the story. you can always log on to for the latest. >> let's get a check of the forecast with adam caskey. it will be hot and sticky, mid 90's. this ' use of chesapeake beach earlier, clouds over the bay. in fairfax we have some clearing. setting the stage for a beautiful sunrise in fairfax at 72 degrees. 68 in leesburg, 64 in inwood. in the '60s in some of the potomac highlands. most of us in the low 70's. 75 in arlington. 95 today, spotty thunderstorms short after the lunch hour or and off and on through the afternoon and evening. >> 66 eastbound pass a slowdown. in manassas again at 50, 95 out of woodbrige between lorton and woodbrige. looks goo
Jul 19, 2012 8:00pm EDT
to the u.s. as children and this administration refuses to take steps to check whether their claims are true or not. thdepartment of homeland security has gone out of its way to avoid the enforcement of immigration laws. the department policy of not enforcing will cause innocent americans their jobs. as secretary, you like all americans also must be concerned about the recent disclosure of national secrets. the methods of intelligence we used to protect security must be kept secret. when the secrets leak, american lives are threatened. recent damaging leaks include operational details of the bin laden raid, specifics about how we conduct cybersecurity, and information about drone strikes. because of these, enemies now know how we will hunt them, which will make it more difficult. o met security depends on our ability to keep secrets from those who would attack our homeland. when they become public knowledge, people and our -- people and our national petition -- interests are in jeopardy. the ability to keep secrets depends on identifying causes and put a stop to them. that is why i
Jul 22, 2012 1:00pm PDT
money." have a great weekend. > hello everyone. thanks for joining us. right now president obama is on his way to colorado to provide comfort to the victims of the deadly shooting in aurora. in a few hours the people of aurora come together to hold a prayer vigil for the victims. >>> investigators will be examining some of the explosives removed from the suspected gunman's home. tomorrow the suspect is expected to make his first public appearance in court. >>> the manager of a gun range is now coming forward saying his contact with james holmes was weird and even bizarre. let's get to drew griffin who joins us now in denver on the phone. what are you learning? >> interesting thing. james holmes replied online on june 25th to join a private gun range out in colorado about a half hour drive from where he was living. and the owner there called back and got a message on james holmes' message machine that he described as very weird almost as if the person leaving the message was drunk, just weird and bizarre, a deep gutteral forced voice on the message machine. he said to his staff th
Jul 22, 2012 4:00pm EDT
was using allegedly to kill these people. >> has this gun range manager talked to authorities to reveal the information or have they come to him hoping this might fill in blanks in the investigation? >> i don't have that answer directly but the police have either been in front of or right behind us every step of the way. once this person's name came forward i'm sure he was contacted by the fbi which has been combing this town or police. again, he had no direct contact. it was only an online application and out of due diligence this gun range owner calls back to kind of query people over the phone and got this very weird and bizarre message. he had never met holmes. holmes never followed up on the online application. it was the one online application on june 25th. >> very fascinating information. >>> some in the theater that night in aurora are revealing more, describing in vivid detail how they narrowly escaped death. you have been hearing incredible stories from survivors. what more are they telling you? >> reporter: we are hearing from survivors. it wasn't just the fact that they witn
FOX News
Jul 15, 2012 3:00am PDT
>> good morning, everyone, it's sunday, july 15th, i'm alisyn camerota, thanks for joining us so early. days after accusing mitt romney of a felony, obama administration says they want a debate on the issues. is this political double speak? >> the cost of government day. happy cost of government day. that's right, congratulations, taxpayers you've officially worked 197 days so far this year, enough to pay your fair share of government spending. >> clayton a clap for that? >> yeah, it's happy. >> clayton and like a balloon with that graphic. why the boss was shown who's the boss at a performance in lond london. ♪ that's springsteen? >> it might have been. >> dave: i'll take your word for it. i didn't see him. ♪ >> did that naked torso have anything-- i think it was spring break video. >> get to the bottom of it. the mini-van debate we had here on the show and dads are embracing mini-vans and cars and trucks as they get older. back in the day we used to get in the car or truck with dad, it was their-- >> office on wheels. >> clayton not anymore, kids have overtaken these vehic
FOX News
Jul 15, 2012 6:00am EDT
, send them to us. >> dave: anyway, we'll talk about that later on. we start with politics, as you know, it's been on the campaign trail, the obama campaign going right after mitt romney, of course, and mentioning that they thought he could have committed a felony in regard to his time at bain capital when he left to run the olympics. the president on saturday staying on the attack in virginia and again going after mitt romney. >> alisyn: then it was interesting to hear the president spokesperson yesterday say this goal for the campaign. here is a quote, of course the president wants to have a high brow debate about these policy issues and what the american people actually care about. that's from general. you know, of course, people on the other side of just laughing about this, because how high brow is it to go for the felony charge of your opponent? >> a swiss bank account, or bermuda business or whatever. >> alisyn: of course the president would say these are all important things to raise, the american public needs to know, if somehow their prospective presidential candidate is misle
Jul 27, 2012 10:00am PDT
's peter alexander joins us from london. peter, first to you. clearly they're trying to get past this and what could be a minor goof in any other context really, really did not rub the right way with the brits. >> i think you're exactly right. as the campaign advisors said to us in advance of this trip, this was an effort for romney to listen and learn and today, again, he's getting an earful from the british press and from officials in this country. another headline remarkably read today mitt, the twit. notices athose are not the headlines the camp was looking for when they arrived in london. romney hopes as he heads to israel tomorrow morning, and we will be on that flight, that that trip as well as tonight's opening ceremony, the festivities here, will really wash away any hard feelings that may exist. to be fair, it does demonstrate how just a small gaffe overseas can really be magnified. when we speak to people, when you hear from boris johnson or david cameron, it looks like a huge thing that's exploded but as you talk to some people on the streets, a lot of them are still
Jul 9, 2012 3:00pm EDT
. hitting session lows around noon. but rebounding ever since -- not really enough to push us into the green important the s&p 500 if we can take a look at that time heat map. you see we are considerably more negative than we are positive. and it is really a negative sentiment stew of sorts, which would -- what is pulling us down. lingering concerns of europe. mixed jobs day hangover added to caution ahead of the official earnings season kickoff after the bell today. that's where we are getting all this red. it is risk-off trading. nearly all major sectors are lower. materials in the energy are trailing most of -- if i move out of the way, you can see thooefr here on the far corner and move down almost a percent here. health care, though, holding on to some gains of less than an hour left to trade. wti crude oil prices gain being 2% at one point as the strike in norway could show production important the world's fifth largest oil exporter. energy equities selling off on global growth concerns. we don't have them behind me but trust me, they are. health care getting a boost today as the natio
Jul 17, 2012 12:00pm PDT
this tragedy. she's live with us. take us back to what happened in douma on june 29th. >> reporter: the reason why it's taken three weeks to get our hands on that video is because the activists that wanted to shoot it were stuck there for well over a week and it was an ordeal to get the footage from damascus to us here in lebanon. we have to warn that the images are disturbing. the power is out in the streets. the three activists don't dare shine a light. there's a sniper lurking. gunfire in the distance forces them to pick up the pace. the activists are part of the oppositions media operation. they smuggled themselves into the damascus suburb last month and risked their lives to document this. a massacre said to have taken place just hours earlier. among the corpses strewn about, that of a little girl. a man points to one of bodies and says he was executed, a civilian. points to a second corpse and adds this is his cousin, shot because he tried to save him. residents are readying the bodies for burial. blood soaking through the funeral sheets. the names of the deceased scrawled. it's a grim r
Jul 3, 2012 1:00pm PDT
americans feel about issue number one, the u.s. economy. just ahead, the skyrocketing optimism revealed in our brand new cnn orc poll. and the surprising divide over which candidate they think will do a better job. also, a stunning turn in the strained relationship between the united states and pakistan. the pakistani government reopening a critical supply route for the united states and its allies as the secretary of state, hillary clinton, apologizes for the deadly nato attack that ultimately shut down that supply route. >>> and it's not a hose or shovel, but it's a laptop. why computers are now a cutting edge tool in the battle against the raging colorado wildfires. i'm wolf blitzer, you're in "the situation room." >>> first to our brand new cnn orc polls. this is issue number one, the economy. and a surprising jump in the number of americans who believe the economy will eventually get better. take a look at this. when asked about what economic conditions will be like next year, 60% now say they believe they will be good compared to only 39% who say conditions will be poorer. last fa
Jul 17, 2012 8:00pm PDT
? and why stop at the classics. there are plenty of other books that could use erotic enhancement. how about cook books? what about do it yourself home improvement books? financial books? all very informative but there's zero sex in there. i say let's just turn the whole barnes and noble into 50 shades of gray knock-offs from wall to wall and floor to ceiling. i bet sales would sky rocket. that's it for us. >>> and mitt romney standing his ground refuse to go release more taxes, calls reach a deafening pitch. today he gave another reason why he shouldn't have to. >>> and an exclusive investigation into the risks of off-shore drilling. we went outfront to the arctic. shell has a plan to prevent the disaster like the one that happened to bp and the deepwater horizon. does it add up? let's go "outfront." >>> "outfront" tonight, ben bernanke says no to the addicts. addicts that are desperate for another hit of the fed's drugs. today in hearings on capitol hill, america's top banker, the chief of the federal reserve, got more negative on the state of the u.s. economy. >> given that growth is proj
Jul 3, 2012 4:00pm EDT
at these new numbers. joe is joining us now from his old hometown of columbus, ohio. what's going on there, joe? >> reporter: that's right, wolf. well, things are starting to look better here in the buckeye state, but i have to tell you that cnn orc poll indicates that nationwide one thing is clear, the number one issue on voters' minds happens to be jobs and the economy. the november election may come down to a key question, which candidate is better able to handle the economy? a brand new cnn orc national poll suggests voters haven't made up their minds. president obama and republican mitt romney are in a dead heat well within the margin of error. >> what a president believes matters. >> reporter: today the obama campaign rolled out another ad in crucial swing states like riegtd here in ohio calling romney an outsourcer during his time running bane capital. it's part of a strategy to erode one of romney's key strengths. so far our polling shows independent voters crucial in this election prefer the presumptivive republican nominee on the economy by 11 points. part of the sale the obama campai
Jul 15, 2012 2:00pm EDT
. it required him to use up almost all of his political capital. he prevailed where no president had done before. he was right. he was right. he cut $100 billion from the federal debt over the next 10 years. he provided access to affordable health care to 30 million americans, 8 million black americans who would never have had insurance. [applause] this is a man, this is a president who has the character of his convictions. almost never since he has taken office, during this entire time, has the republican congress reached across the aisle to help. on the recovery act, which kept us from sliding further into depression, only three republican senators and not one house member voted for it. on the affordable care act, no republican in the senate and none in the house on the final vote. but it was not just on the big- signature issues, it was on the easy, obvious things where we got no cooperation. extending the payroll tax, only seven republicans initially voted for it. lilly ledbetter equal pay, three republicans voted for it in the house. when we attempted to raise the debt limit to maintain the
Jul 10, 2012 8:00pm EDT
, the romney campaign is using political hacks to dismiss these comicated financial issues. here's the rnc's shaun spicer on msnbc. >> a sterling example of romney who released 12 years of tax returns and said if less, it's ilustrative. >> there will never be enough for team obama. >> never be enough for team obama? really? well, don't we deserve more than just maybe one year of tax returns? romney's surrogates like this guy, prendz mitt romney has released all of his past tax returns. >> should governor romney release all of those tax returns? right now, he's in a unique position for a presidential cad dt he's only released one year. >> he's paid 100% of his taxes, complied 100% with what the law requires. >> i was asking if you think he should release them? not whether he complied with the law? >> i think he has released the tax returns. >> more of them. >> should he release them or not? >> no, i do not. most people don't care about this. governor romney has been very successful, get over it, it's a reality. >> we're over it, all right. he has been successful. we just want to know how su
Jul 10, 2012 11:00pm EDT
repeal obamacare. let's get rid of the boss once and for all. >> good to have you with us. thanks for watching. the cloud of secrecy surrounded mitt romney's finances is refusing to lift. in colorado today, romney said president obama and the democrats are trying to avoid a real debate on the issues. >> the president the other day was kind enough to give me a call on the day that i cinched the nomination and he said i congratulate you and i think the country will benefit from an important and honest debate on the issues. and on the course for america, the future for america. and i think that's absolutely right. so far, his campaign hasn't started that. all they're doing is attacking on every diversion they can come up with. >> it's difficult for the president of the united states to have an honest and open debate with mitt romney when americans still don't know much about mitt romney and his finances. vice president joe biden explained why romney's double standard hurts him among voters during his speech to the hispanic advocacy group la raza. >> instead of answering the questions
Jul 19, 2012 6:00am EDT
they do. energy and water which used to be one of the most important subcommittees, most popular, i should say in addition to being important, subcommittees in this body, i was fortunate to serve on that subcommittee for more than a quarter of a century under a great -- under great leaders, domenici, bennett johnson, domenici and i switched back and forth. but the house sent us over here an appropriation bill that has more than 30 riders directed toward e.p.a. type functions alone. i mean they're not serious about doing sage. they're serious about satisfying their tea party and the ridiculous messages they're trying to send. so -- and i would also say one of the problems problems we have we have to fight to get to anything, any legislation. we have to fight to get that done. as you know, we've wasted -- i said weeks earlier. months. trying to get legislation on the floor. so appropriation bills, i wanted to get these done, i'm an appropriator but it's been with the actions of the house unrealistic. mr. mcconnell: what we just heard, madam president, it's not the senate's house, it's the ho
Jul 17, 2012 3:00pm EDT
out these types of massacres. it's difficult for us to determine fact exactly what is happening because the government is not allowing us access into the country. it continues to claim it is fighting these terrorist organizations with some sort of foreign agenda. >> that's why this tape was so important to underscore the humanitarian crisis and tragedy at the same time. thank you so much. we appreciate it. >>> we've got a lot more to cover this hour. take a look. still in clues, still no answers. >> it's just baffling to try to figure out the pieces to the puzzle. looking at it, it doesn't make any sense. >> it's as though they disappeared in thin air in broad daylight. >> family members brace for the worst. >>> two armed men storm into a florida cafe ordering everyone to the ground. just when you thought that was the end of it, this guy comes to the rescue. >>> another unbelievable rescue caught on video. a 7-year-old girl falls from a third story window right into the armies of a hero. >> she was still standing there. i just positioned myself. hopefully i would catch her. i'm
Jul 18, 2012 12:00pm EDT
and the loss of lives has only increased, which tells us that this is a situation that is rapidly spinning out of control. >> in these circumstances, it is ever more imperative that the international community including all players who have influence bring pressure to bear on the assad regime to implement in full the annan plan to stabilize the country and allow an orderly transition of power. >> so hala, you have even general secretary ban ki-moon speaking out against this, and you the world united saying this is awful and chaos. what will it take do you think before you have world leaders who are going to take a more active role in intervening? >> well, the world is the united is saying that it is awful, but the world is certainly not united in how to approach and solve the crisis. you have on the one hand russia and china and then the western powers. at 3:00 p.m. there was a u.n. security council vote to condemn the actions in syria, and russia did not want the sanctions included, but western powers did. we have heard from two sources that kofi annan has asked the united kingdom and france
Jul 18, 2012 5:00pm PDT
's "hardball" for now. thanks for being with us. "the ed show" with ed schultz starts right now. >>> good evening, americans. welcome to "the ed show" from new york. 111 days until the 2012 election, and mitt prromney is ready to dig up the dirt and go personal on the president. in the words of a former president, bring it on. this is "the ed show." let's get to work. >> he tries to divide america, tear america apart. >> they tested the waters yesterday. today, the romney camp is diving in. >> light our hair on fire then. >> they'll step up their personal attacks on the president to try to dodge the tax issue. i'll ask bob shrum and richard wolffe if it has any chance of working. >> to say that steve jobs didn't build apple computer or that bill gates didn't build microsoft or henry ford didn't build ford motor company -- >> mitt romney adopts the fox news lie about the president's small business comment. >> a lot of people were waiting for that to come out. >> and then agrees with the full context otthe president's comment on small business. >> by the way, there are a lot of people in go
Jul 10, 2012 10:00pm EDT
't manage them. i don't even know where they are. that trustee follows all u.s. laws, all the taxes are paid, as appropriate. all of them have been reported to the government. there's nothing hidden there. there's nothing -- if, for instance, you owned shares in let's say renault or in fiat, you still had to pay taxes, you still have to disclose that in the united states. >> the president campaigned in iowa today, which he won in 2008 by ten points, but is now running tied with mitt romney in the polls. mitt romney campaigned in colorado, which president obama won in 2008 by eight points and where president obama now has a lead over mitt romney in the polls, 49 to 42%. and with just 119 days until the election, a new "washington post" national poll finds the two candidates tied at 47. and a new reuters poll has the president leading mitt romney by six points, 49 to 43. it seems the romney campaign has decided he cannot win, running as a republican, so he is now trying to appeal to independent voters by running as a new democrat. a bill clinton democrat. >> bill clinton called himself a new d
Jul 18, 2012 1:00am EDT
on the cayman islands. so what is it mitt romney doesn't want us to know? maybe it's in the tax returns he refuses to share, or the felony he might have commitmented by making false statements about his role at bain. we understand, mitt, sometimes the truth is tricky. tricky mitt. he's not a crook, right? political action is responsible for the content of this advertisement. >> that ad will start running tomorrow in ohio, where mitt romney is scheduled to the campaign. romney campaigned today in pittsburgh, where he tried to do a donald trump impression without ever actually using the words, "birth certificate." >> in the past, people of both parties understood that encouraging achievement, encouraging success, encouraging people to lift themselves as high as they can, encouraging entrepreneurs, celebrating success instead of attacking it and denigrating makes america strong. that's the right course for this country. his course is extraordinarily foreign. >> while romney was visiting pittsburgh, celebrating his success, team obama chose to introduce a new television ad on pittsb
Jul 28, 2012 11:30am EDT
to sway 800,000 jobs but more importantly for young people for us it is going to raise our premiums because in obamacare it is tough to weigh a provision that says insurance companies can no longer very price according to one's age or health status. insurance companies look at us and see again healthy individual and say you got to pay the same rate as your parents and grandparents. a huge redistribution of wealth from young to old and the left celebrates it. youth unemployment at historic highs. you have almost double the national average with those 18 and older and you look at the key to unemployment. many of you are in this category if not all of you and in america right now only 30% of teenagers are employed. 30% of teenagers are employed because employers say it is too expensive in the down economy that was supposed to be recovering and for three year sins the stimulus package passed too expensive to hire young people. pretty much the obama presidency has been a disaster. barack obama is currently less popular than a sexually transmitted disease. but yet you still might say no c
Jul 10, 2012 1:00am EDT
love that expression that you all use when you want government to take over some issue. let it be comprehensive. that is the code word for that. my colleague from new york mentioned that college graduates need to be covered by obamacare because they cannot get jobs. republicans have sent over 30 bills over to the senate that would help create an environment for creating jobs. we know that government does not create jobs but we help create an environment. we need to look at not the symptoms, we need to look at the causes that are creating, that are forcing so many young people not to be able to get jobs after their college education. the economy is in such bad shape and we are spending so much money at the federal level. i also want to say that our motives are often impugned on this side of the aisle by our colleagues. the implication is that we do not care about women, children, if we do not vote for government takeover of our lives. i would like to point out that there were many democrats who voted no on the obamacare bill and i suspect that there will be some democrats who
FOX News
Jul 5, 2012 1:00am PDT
of state condoleezza rice and cardinal timothy dollan all join us tonight. we can't back down from this fight because it's about religious freedom. it's close to the very heart. >> we have the best wrapped into one right now. >> bill: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right now. >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thank you for watching us us tonight. special edition of the factor. top story, florida senator marco rubio widely considered to be vice presidential option. we asked the senator about that as well as many many other things. >> everywhere you go, people ask you about the vice president deal: i asked you a few months ago when we had you on about that should i continue to ask you? is it getting boring now? >> bill: convention they have got to have something to get people toen watch. >> that's h why he deserves for us to be respectful of that process. so journalists like you are going to ask. e of us -- >> bill: not going to stonewall. let me give you two things that two guys have said but on this program. you know charles krauthammer? >> yeah. >> bi
FOX News
Jul 22, 2012 1:00pm PDT
is very important. every ounce of evidence will help us hold this person accountable. was very high priority and i'm so grateful we had the bomb professionals from the feds and local agencies to help us do that. >> gregg: ascam live in aurora with the latest. >> reporter: we are learning new information about the suspect. we got a chance to get upright about ten feet of the building itself. it's the last building people are not allowed back in. authorities are going in and out. they say the investigation completed but at the same time they have cleanup and dangerous materials they say in fact. potentially materials that might contaminate people in the area. they want to get that cleaned up and secure the apartment. glass is still broken out. so until that is done people will not be allowed back into the apartment complex where james holmes lived on the third floor. there is still glass broken and stuff on the ground. they took a lot of explosive materials out and the dump truck was filled with sand to make the easier to unload it all and burn it. back here there is still small remna
FOX News
Jul 5, 2012 4:00am EDT
something to get people toen watch. >> that's h why he deserves for us to be respectful of that process. so journalists like you are going to ask. e of us -- >> bill: not going to stonewall. let me give you two things that two guys have said but on this program. you know charles krauthammer? >> yeah. >> bill: smart guy, right? charles krauthammer says if youre are asked that you have to accept. you have to because if you. didn't, youn' would be letting your country down. that's krauthammer. krauthammer predicts if you are asked you will accept. what do you think about that point of>> view? >> i'm not even talking about the whole process and i respect him. >> bill: would it be disrespectful if you for familyes reasons, personal reasons, would you consider that to be -- would you trouble you that your country calls and you can't answer the call? >> ins hate being in the no spin zone. i willn just say to you that i really tried not to even comment on the whole process. i really believe mitt romney deserves to have a process where the rest of us sit here and talking about it and giving opinions
FOX News
Jul 19, 2012 3:00pm EDT
russia and china on the record, vetoing this resolution and, then, to try to shame them as u.s. arch to ambassador to the u.n. did. ought security coin has -- counsel has failed in its important task this year. this is another dark day in turtle bay. one can only hope that one day, before too many thousands more die, that russia and china will stop protecting assad. and allow this council to play its proper role at the center of the international response to the crisis in syria. >>jonathan: the truth of the matter is, does, in its failure to come to agreement on what to do about syria, the united nations has in essence, left itself irrelevant to events on the ground. >>shepard: there are those who suggest time is running out given the attack yesterday and the word from so many that the regime seems to be crumbling. >>jonathan: the events are moving so fast that is why diplomats are irrelevant to what is going on. president bashar al-assad seems to have two choices: flee or fight. for the moment, given the violence we have seen perpetrated against the rebels today in damascus, he is c
Jul 17, 2012 1:00pm PDT
of drugs off u.s. streets. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." >>> we begin with both presidential campaigns getting down and dirty on the low road as the candidates themselves try to stick to the high road. the latest examples, killer tv ad that the obama campaign is using to welcome so-called welcome mitt romney to pennsylvania. and a top romney's surrogates complaint that the president should "learn how to be an american." let's go to our white house correspondent, dan lothian, watching all of this unfold. we've been saying it's getting ugly. >> reporter: certainly right. the fireworks today. the president was in texas attending a total of fundraisers trying to camp up in the campaign cash. some of those were with small donors, others with big names like tv star eva longoria. but today was more about money. the president was also going after his opponent, mitt romney, for more details about his personal finances. it won't help create jobs. and it won't ease the pain of homeowners stuck in upside down mortgages, but the obama re-election campaign is convinced that qu
Jul 17, 2012 4:00pm EDT
? proper tire inflation, by using proper grades of oil, your car runs more efficiently, saves gas. you could be doing this right now? yes i could, mike. i'm slowing you down? yes you are. my bad. the works fuel saver package. just $29.95 or less after rebate. only at your ford dealer. so, to sum up, you take care of that, you take care of these, you save a bunch of this. that works. she's not just natalie coughlin. she's every 5-year-old who ever jumped in a pool and didn't want to get out. ♪ every coach, every rival who ever pushed her. she's the tip of a spear that goes all the way back to the beginning. it's amazing how far you can go with a little help along the way. td ameritrade. proud sponsor of the 2012 u.s. olympic team. >>> america's taking its war on drugs to the sea. the target, key supply lines that criminals are using to get cocaine, cash and stolen goods into the united states. last year alone the operation seized more than 100 tons of cocaine worth more than $2 billion. lisa sylvester's taking a closer look at what's going on. lisa, these missions, they are stopping a
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